Fogo: French, Swiss and Germans at the top the list of tourists who are looking for the island

São Filipe, June 16 (Inforpress) – The French, Swiss and Germans are at the top of the list of tourists who prefer Fogo Island, according to comparative survey data for tourists in August 2016 and February 2017.

According to the data, about three-quarters of the tourists who visit the São Fogo Island come from these three countries, with the French at the head, with 36 percent (%), followed by Swiss with 20% and Germans with 17 (30%), followed by persons between the ages of 30 and 40 (22%) and those under 30 with 10%.

The purpose of the survey was to see the difference between the data and thus to have a clearer vision to be able to define the best ecotourism strategy at regional level.

According to Carla Cossu of the Italian NGO Cospe, responsible for implementing the European Union-funded project “Development of Sustainable and Solidarity Ecotourism and Enhancement of the Cultural / Social / Environmental Heritage” called “Fire, Water, Earth, Air” (FATA), the result was “very interesting” with a change in terms of provenance.

The days of stay in Fogo Island have decreased, on average the stay is three and a half days, but in other hand the island received more tourists, with the biggest emotion and reason of the visit being the volcano, with 53%, followed by people, with 28%, walking (17%) and nature / landscape (02%).


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