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Fogo: Former Mayor of São Filipe and secretary acquitted of charges of fraud and electoral corruption

São Filipe, April 16 (Inforpress) – Former Mayor of São Filipe Luís Pires and secretary, Adilson Barradas, were acquitted by the court of charges of fraud and electoral corruption following a complaint in 2016.

During the electoral period for the 2016 legislative elections, the former Mayor of São Filipe and the secretary, would have granted material support to an individual from São Filipe, presumably in exchange for votes, and the Public Prosecutor, after an inquiry, charged them with the practice “in material and direct co-authorship of a crime of fraud and electoral corruption” provided for and punished with imprisonment for up to one year, pursuant to articles 97 and 311 of the Electoral Code.

As they disagreed with the complaint, they requested the opening of the Preliminary Conciliation Hearing (ACP), alleging that the requisition of the materials referred to in the accusation did not follow the facts of the indictment, that is, to vote in the PAICV and this would help him, and the testimony given by the individual as well as by the prosecution witnesses were partial, and that the request for support was only served for “purely humanitarian” reasons and derived from the fact that the individual had insistently “cried and complained” that he was a serious risk to life.

For the court it was the benefited individual who for a long time “insisted and pressured to receive support to carry out works at home” and because the court understands that the indications collected in the stage of instruction ended up being shaken by the evidence produced during the hearing contradictory preliminary ruling, the judge ruled that the two defendants should not be put on trial for practicing the crime of fraud and electoral corruption.



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