Fogo: Fogo Coffee Spirit Company and the Association of Coffee Producers have different language – Amarildo Baessa

São Filipe, 09 May (Inforpress) – The company Fogo Coffee Spirit and the Association of Coffee Producers, Pró-café, use different languages and so have never been in tune, admitted the head of the company, Amarildo Baessa.

For him, while the association and its president have “political language and objectives”, Fogo Coffee Spirit has “merely business language and objectives”, stressing that “the two institutions have never been in tune” because, he explained, the president of the Association of Coffee Producers was the first mentor for the association to stop fulfilling what had been agreed, which was to encourage producers to sell coffee cherries to the company.

Amarildo Baessa, clarifying the criticism leveled at Fogo Coffee Spirit during the last edition of the Café do Fogo festival, said that his company had fulfilled its part, which was to supply coffee plants, money to dig holes for planting coffee trees and provide training to interested owners.

He recalled that for the first time the company managed to produce 130,000 coffee seedlings, which it distributed to farmers, adding that the association is not available to make reference to good things, due to lack of knowledge or because it intends to use them for specific purposes. politicians.



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