Fogo: Emigrants support students of the educational complex Eduardo Gomes Miranda de Cova Figueira

São Filipe, May 26 (Inforpress) – The Eduardo Gomes Miranda educational complex in the city of Cova Figueira, Santa Catarina do Fogo, received some donations from the emigrants as part of the “one municipality, one student, a uniform” project has been implemented for two years.

The director of the educational complex and grouping number 01 of the Santa Catarina do Fogo schools, António Gonçalves, said through the office for social inclusion and citizenship promotion, the school received a visit from a former student, emigrant in the United States, accompanied by two friends, one of whom was an American citizen and a businessman and promoter of the project.

Following the visit, the emigrants gave the school a donation of 20 school uniforms plus the amount of about 700 dollars for the payment of school transportation to one of the students in this educational establishment.

The “one municipality, one student, a uniform” project aims to minimize the problems related to the purchase of uniforms by the most vulnerable families. The principal of the school complex also stressed this is the fifth time this educational establishment receives donations from emigrants, benefiting about two hundred students.

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