Fogo: Elida Almeida, Rick Boy and Rapaz 100 Juiz are the the main attractions in the  municipality parties of Santa Catarina

São Filipe, Nov 9 (Inforpress) – The festivities of the municipality day of Santa Catarina do Fogo, marked on November 25th, are headed by artists Elida Almeida, Rick Boy and Rapaz 100 Juiz, who will perform first time in that municipality.

The city councilman from Santa Catarina do Fogo, Madueno Andrade, told Inforpress that in addition to Elida Almeida and the band, Rick Boy and Rapaz 100 Juiz, the presence of other renowned artists and musical groups such as Jorge Neto, Cabo Verde Show, Ferro Gaita and Wilson have already been confirmed.

In terms of local artists and groups, the party attractions features groups such as Show de Pina, Nova Geração, Nos sonho, Timas, Nilton Fernandes.

For a cultural night that is scheduled for the 22nd, the  “Fogo Azul” band consisting of artists arriving from the United States of America will perform, but also participation of competitors who participated in the final phase of the competition todo mundo canta (everyone sings), the artist Camilo Montrond from Chã das Caldeiras, among others.



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