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Fogo: Deputy Secretary of State acknowledges work done by RTC and Inforpress but admits the need for more investments

São Filipe, Oct 22 (Inforpress) – The Deputy Secretary of State for the Prime Minister, Lourenço Lopes, said on his visit to the facilities of Inforpress and Radiotelevisão Cabo-Verdiana (RTC), he values the work developed, but acknowledged that there is a need for more investments.

“We value and recognize the work has been done over the years and has allowed communities to have more voice and the country and the Diaspora to know the problems existing in the Fogo and its potential to raise the culture and promote the island internally and externally”, said Lourenço Lopes.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Secretary of State for the Prime Minister, who coordinates the media sector, admitted that there is much more to be done to promote the history, culture and potential the island has, noting that the media can play an important role in the dissemination and mobilization of society for the major issues of the island,  pointing out as an example the structuring project the Government intends to implement and which is related to the creation of the Special Economic Zone of Volcanology.

Lourenço Lopes said the visit, whose objective was to learn about the operation of RTC and Inforpress, he had noticed the need to invest more, both in RTC and Inforpress.



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