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Fogo: City Hall of São Filipe announces plan to mitigate the bad agricultural year budgeted in 35 million escudos

São Filipe, Nov 16 (Inforpress) – The plan to mitigate the impacts of the bad agricultural year in the municipality of São Filipe, submitted to the Government, is budgeted at 35 million escudos and will benefit 1.306 families from all localities in the municipality.

The information was provided by the Councilwoman for Rural Development, Lia Barbosa, stating that the plan aims to define, organize and guide the actions to be carried out by the City Hall, with the aim of giving “timely response” to farmers and livestock farmers in the municipality.

“This plan will allow the operationalization of the actions defined in consultation with farmers and livestock farmers, thus avoiding misfit measures,” said the Councilwoman, noting that the goal is to define, guide and organize the actions to be carried out with farmers and livestock farmers to mitigate drought and bad agricultural year.

Lia Barbosa stressed that the plan results from the “unfavorable evolution” of the agricultural year throughout the entire length of the municipality, with the Southern zone being the most affected.



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