Fogo: City Hall of Mosteiros will create a temporary dog shelter

São Filipe, Jun 29 (Inforpress) – The local authority of Mosteiros will collect the dogs found on the streets and create a temporary dog shelter, so that the respective owners can pick up them after registering and assigning collars.

This is a measure announced by the Mayor of Mosteiros, Carlos Fernandinho Teixeira, for a second phase since at this moment, he said, “it is necessary to slaughter stray dogs that are creating damage to livestock farmers”.

Thus, after the slaughter phase has been completed, which is being carried out by a team including technicians from the Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Environment and the City Hall itself, the second phase will take place in which all the dogs found on the streets will be collected and placed in the temporary dog shelter.

He also stated that the City Hall will guarantee food and care for a period of five days after collection and will then invite its owners to pick up their animals, if they are pets, stressing that animals when they leave the space created by municipality will be registered and with the respective collar.

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