Fogo: City Hall of Mosteiros bets on the paving of the Achada Malva – Fajãzinha road for this governance

São Filipe, Jan 18 (Inforpress) – The paving of the road that extends from Achada Malva to Fajãzinha is one of the main bets of the City Hall of Mosteiros for the 2020/24 governance, in the territory chapter, with “modern and resilient”.

The governance plan already approved highlights that Mosteiros has recently experienced “an unprecedented development”, including in the field of infrastructure.

“The challenge is to consolidate the route gains, inaugurating a new cycle of infrastructure in the municipality, betting on innovation and resilience of infrastructures”, reads the document, highlighting that in the framework of the modernization policies for the municipal road network, which includes the paving of the Achada Malva-Fajãzinha road, covering the coastal area of the city, in partnership with the Government.

In addition, for the next four years, in terms of territory, with “modern and resilient” infrastructures, the rehabilitation of the municipal multi-sports network is foreseen with the replacement of concrete floors with colored acrylic resin floors, laying of grass in the fields of Canal, in Sumbango, and Fonte Curral, in Mosteiros Trás.



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