Fishermen warn of impact of fish shortage on income of Cape Verdean families

City of Praia, 31 May (Inforpress) – Fishermen, fishmongers and ship owners say they are having a hard time due to the drastic and accentuated reduction in fish catches and warn of the impacts on the income of families that live from the activity.

It is with the first rays of sunlight that dozens of fishermen begin preparations for the task that can take between five and seven days at seas, in the hope of, using the pure cognitive sense built up over the years, to get fish for sale.

There are several initiatives to improve the working conditions of one of the professions considered “riskiest” in the world which, however, has been conditioned by different factors, some of which are related to climate change, the scarcity of fish and expenses with the technical maintenance of the boats.

These factors, they warn, have led to a drop in income for Cape Verdean families involved in preserving and selling fish at the fishing pier in Praia.



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