FIBA Africa presents the Basketball World Cup to the Prime Minister

Praia, May 18 (Inforpress) – The FIBA 2023 Basketball World Cup was presented today to the prime minister by a mixed delegation of the Cape Verdean Basketball Federation (FCB) and the body that oversees the sport in Africa, as recognition of government engagement.

“After the reception at the Palácio do Governo (Government Palace), the FCF president praised the importance of Cabo Verde having been included by FIBA in the batch of 30 countries selected for this world tour of “Naismith”, the name by which the basketball world cup is known male senior.”

Mário Correia highlighted, on the occasion, all the support of Cabo Verde, the Government and its population, especially the younger ones, as well as the various generations of basketball players, who made it possible to fulfill this dream of making the Country qualify for the final round of the Basketball World Cup.

For Correia, the passage of the World Cup to Cabo Verde represents "great pride" and rewards the efforts of the players for the feat achieved, which is why he said that all Cape Verdeans should feel "happy and proud" with coming of the trophy, as part of a tour promoted by FIBA through the participating countries, in order to be in iconic places among the population.



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