“Female Genital Mutilation is still not a concern, but we are working towards better knowledge” – ICIEG

Praia, Jan 7 (Inforpress) – Female Genital Mutilation in girls in Cabo Verde is still not a concern since “little or nothing” is known about the topic, but it is being worked on to know it better, Kátia Marques told Inforpress.

According to the techniqciam from the Cabo Verdean Institute for Gender Equality and Equity (ICIEG), Kátia Marques, who spoke in the context of the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (MGF), marked today, in Cabo Verde nothing is known on the subject, therefore, the community that has genital mutilation as a practice does not speak on the subject.

Kátia Marques considered that the country, despite having legislation that penalizes such a practice, does not have data for making judgments about Female Genital Mutilation.

“There are no official data, but I know that the issue was introduced in the DRSIII and the result was so irrelevant that it was not worked. People say they know girls born in the country, who were taken abroad to do the mutilation, but in Cabo Verde we have no complaints about the practice,” she added. The ICIEG technician admitted the existence of “mistrust” of the practice, “but without any proof”, despite considering that it is a “very sensitive” issue.



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