Face of anti-alcohol campaign in Cabo Verde says new law aims to protect people’s health

Praia, Sep 18  (Inforpress) – Manuel Faustino, the face of Cabo Verde’s anti-alcohol campaign, says the new alcohol law aims to protect people’s health and the country has never experienced a “moment as interesting as now”.

“There is a clear awareness of Cabo Verdean society on the severity of alcohol abuse, which is directly or indirectly among the three main causes of illness and death in the country,” said psychiatrist Manuel Faustino, in an interview with Inforpress.

In his view, the law, which comes into force next October 5, is a “fundamental tool” that creates the conditions for improving the health situation of the population, as it includes aspects “extremely important” to the problem of alcoholism in Cabo Verde.

“If the law is, as we hope, notwithstanding the resistance to be expected, implemented in its essentials, I have no doubt that we will have taken a decisive step in improving the living and health conditions of the Cabo Verdean population”.

The law prohibits the availability, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages at gas stations only on roads outside the localities, which seems to be a paradox, given that at this time in Cabo Verde they are all within the populated places.



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