FAC President defends Amílcar Cabral’s path as inspiration for young people

Praia, Jan 21 (Inforpress) – The president of the Amílcar Cabral Foundation (FAC) argues that Amílcar Cabral’s path should serve as inspiration for the new generations, but believes that there is now more interest on the part of young people in this matter.

Pedro Pires defended this idea in statements to Inforpress, in the context of January 20, National Heroes’ Day, a date that marks the death of Amílcar Cabral in 1973, having stated that the new generations must make an effort to know the work of Amílcar Cabral, to know the history of this personality who “gave everything he had in favor of the liberation of the country,  even life itself.”

“You can’t give more than life. Whoever gives life gives everything. That is why he deserves our recognition and it is important to know the Amílcar Cabral’s path, as inspiration for the new generations”, he said, considering that the role of memory preservation is important, because “those who have no history do not exist” and the “people who have no history have no future”.

In the opinion of Pedro Pires, who is also a freedom fighter of the Homeland and former President of the Republic, there is “a very complicated time” and it takes “ideas and examples of inspiring figures” and, in this respect, understands that knowing Amílcar Cabral, analyzing, evaluating and valuing his personal gift for national liberation “is important”.



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