Experts study Chinel lizard “Chioninia vaillantii” in Fogo Island and  Rombos Islet

São Filipe, May 17 (Inforpress) – A technical mission coordinated by researcher Raquel Vasconcelos is in Fogo Island and  Rombos Islet to study the Chinel lizard “Chioninia vaillantii” an endemic species listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The researcher at the Center for Research in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources at the University of Porto (Portugal) told Inforpress that the mission has the National Directorate of Environment (DNA) support, the Vito Project and other researchers from the universities of Aveiro and Coimbra (Portugal) and aims to carry out a study for the conservation of the terrestrial reptiles Fogo Island and Rombos Islet.

These reptiles, she explained, were few studied despite some work done in which they answered basic questions of what exists, where and how can be protected.

The objective now is to study aspects of basic biology, such as what they eat, how they reproduce, what environmental conditions are necessary for the presence of the species in each of the regions, indicating that it will affect the Chinel lizard, scientific name Chioninia, whose subspecies vaillantii, only exists in the Fogo Island and Islets and nowhere in the world.



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