Europe Day: Minister of Communities highlights Europe as “great partner” for development of Cabo Verde

Praia, 9 May (Inforpress) – The Minister of Communities, Jorge Santos, today praised Europe as one of the biggest partners in the country’s development, expressing all interest, friendship and respect in the relationship with the continent.

“We have a special partnership with Europe, we have a set of pillars that we have been developing not only in terms of regulatory convergence, the issue of mobility, for example, which today is all easier,” the minister said on the day Europe Day, 9 May.

Jorge Santos pointed out the ease of mobility with Europe, through specific countries, such as Portugal, as a great gain from this cooperation with Cabo Verde, also highlighting the issue of investment, which represents 90% of Cabo Verdean tourism.

“Cabo Verde has in Europe one of the country’s biggest development partners, and it is from Europe that the greatest financial and economic contribution of our diasporas comes to Cabo Verde. This is why we have every interest, friendship and respect in our relationship with Europe,” he said.



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