EU / Cabo Verde special partnership: Jorge Fonseca suggests to add investment, growth and employment pillar

Praia, April 10 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca today suggested to add another pillar in the special partnership between the European Union and Cabo Verde, specifically the investment, growth and employment pillar.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca, who was speaking at a joint conference with his Portuguese counterpart, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who is visiting Cabo Verde, said that the Cabo Verdean archipelago wants to explore all forms of rapprochement and cooperation, although the intention is not to be a EU member

According to Jorge Carlos Fonseca, an example of Cabo Verde’s idea of ​​expanding the existing partnership with the EU “is that it would be important, beyond the existing pillars, to add another pillar: investment, growth and employment,” he suggested. Cabo Verde’s pretension is to deepen and extend to the limit of belonging.

At a time that it’s talking too much on the mobility, the exemption of visas from Cabo Verde to citizens from the EU and extend the Schengen area, Jorge Carlos Fonseca reiterated his idea that this mobility can be done in both directions, that is, Cabo Verdeans can also enter Europe without a visa.



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