ESER Operation: Russian press reports that crew members were “forced” to carry the 9.5 tons of cocaine

Praia, Apr 22 (Inforpress) – The Russian press reported that the crew of the Panamanian flag seized on January 9 with 9.5 tons of cocaine in the Port of Praia were threatened and forced to carry the drug.

According to information sent on Saturday by the online Crimerussia, this information was passed by the ship’s own commander to a Russian MP, Alexey Veller, who met with the sailors, all of Russian nationality, in custody in the Central Prison of Praia.

“The captain of the crew said that in the Caribbean they were approached by three boats with armed men. They were forced to carry the cargo aboard”, reads the news, which further points out that this version is being verified by the investigation and the prisoners do not assume guilt, being counted on a verdict of acquittal.

The Judiciary Police (PJ), with a search warrant and seizure on the cargo vessel named ESER, with a Panamanian flag, proceeded on January 31th, in the Port of Praia to seize 260 bales, with a gross weight of 9.5 tons, containing a product that, tested, reacted positively for cocaine.



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