Environmentalist states that the ideal scenario would be for the country to abstain from fishing agreements and bet on the national fleet

Mindelo, Jun 25 (Inforpress) – The president of the environmental association Biosfera 1, Tommy Melo, considered that the “ideal scenario” for the sustainability of marine resources in the archipelago would be Cabo Verde not to make international fishing agreements and bet on the national fleet.

The environmentalist reacted in this way, to Inforpress, to the news on the approval last week, by the European Parliament (EP), of the fisheries agreement between Cabo Verde and the European Union.

“The ideal scenario would be for Cabo Verde not to make any fishing agreements and to boost inland fishing and for our own fishermen to have access to that fish”, underlined the same source, for those who do not have this possibility, the “ideal possible” would be safeguard some points.

The president of Biosfera 1 pointed out at least three points recommended to the Government by the association itself and he still does not know if they have been accepted, since he has not yet had access to the agreement already validated.



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