Urdi: Elaine de Pina wins Klaridad competition at Salão Created in Cabo Verde

Mindelo, Nov 26 (Inforpress) – The architect Elaine de Pina was the winner of the Klaridad design competition, which is part of the ‘Created in Cabo Verde’ Salon at the Craft and Design Fair – Urdi, whose result was published this Thursday in Mindelo. The architect competed for the “Klaridad – imaginar futuros” with the […]

Cabo Verde and Piomonte region of Italy sign agreement to boost relations

Praia, Nov 26 (Inforpress) – The Government of Cabo Verde has signed a collaboration agreement with the Piomonte Region of Italy to strengthen institutional cooperation and promote trade in the economic field. The document was signed on Thursday by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miryan Vieira, and the president of the […]

Boxing: Decentralized South Santiago Regional Championship enters into its second round

Praia, Nov 25 (Inforpress) – The Vává Duarte Sports Pavilion hosts, this Saturday, the 27th, the second round of the South Santiago Regional Boxing Championship, which this year is being played in a decentralized way in three municipalities. Started last week in the municipality of São Domingos, where the championship kicked off, after the long […]

Porto Novo: Mindel Som, Kiddye Bonz and Elly Paris at Santo Andre’s feasts

Porto Novo, Nov 25 (Inforpress) – The organization of the Santo Andre’s feasts, in Porto Novo, one of the busiest festivals of this municipality in Santo Antão, today released the festivities poster, which highlights Mindel Som, Kiddye Bonz and Elly Paris. One of the main moment of the festivities, which were not held two years ago […]

Santiago: Municipality of Santa Catarina today completes 187 years of its creation

Assomada, Nov 25 (Inforpress) – The municipality of Santa Catarina, in the countryside of Santiago Island, the third largest municipality of Cabo Verde, composed of 56 localities, created in 1834, today celebrates the 187 years of its creation. With an area of 243 square kilometres, it is considered a rural municipality, where 86 per cent […]

Maio: Sea turtles can transmit bacteria to humans – study reveals

Porto Inglês, Nov 25 (Inforpress) – A study conducted by the Maio Biodiversidade Foundation (FMB) and published in an international journal points out that sea turtles can transmit to humans a type of bacterium “highly contagious” in case of meat consumption. This disclosure was made to Inforpress by the Maio Biodiversidade Foundation scientific coordinator, Juan […]