Minister of Culture and Creative Industries delivers “Barku d’Speransa” in Alto Safende

Praia, Mar 12 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Culture and Creative Industries (MCIC), Abraão Vicente, visited Thursday Alto  Safende  and delivered the “Barku despensa”, which according to him symbolizes “peace and unity “. The “Barku  d’ Speransa” was presented as a symbol of the Cabo Verdean people resilience and representation of one of the national […]

Cabo Verde wants to promote participation of Japanese companies in ZEEM-SV – Minister

Praia, Mar 12 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde wants to promote the participation of Japanese companies in the Special Maritime Economic Zone of São Vicente (ZEEM-SV) and transform the country into a maritime and logistics platform in the Atlantic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Communities announced Thursday. The idea was expressed Thursday by Rui Figueiredo […]

Porto Novo: Planalto Norte will have trash for relief of tour operators

Porto Novo, 11 Mar (Inforpress) – The Northern Plateau of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, will be endowed with a dumping ground in response to a concern of local tour operators, who have been complaining about the current state of sanitation in this tourist area. Local tour operators have called for the City Hall of Porto […]

Fogo: Vitó Project coordinates documentary production on seabird conservation

São Filipe, Mar 11 (Inforpress) – The Vitó Association Project coordinates the production of a documentary on the conservation of seabirds in Cabo Verde, coordinated by Herculano Dinis, which will focus on all species of seabirds of Cabo Verde. According to the Project Vitó coordinator, Herculano Dinis, it is a work carried out in collaboration […]