PP marks party convention for January 23 and welcomes Francisco Tavares’ resignation

Praia, Jan 11 (Inforpress) – The Popular Party (opposition party) decided, at its biweekly meeting, to setting up the date of the  party’s convention for January 23 and discussed on the nomination of Óscar Santos and the resignation of Francisco Tavares. Speaking to Inforpress at the end of the meeting, the PP spokesman, Juvenal Furtado, […]

Rosa de Porcelana Editora presents book “Cesária Évora” in Santo Antão

Praia, Jan 11 (Inforpress) – Rosa de Porcelana Editora dedicates the year 2021 to ‘Diva of the Barefoot Feet’ starting the tribute on the 17th with the presentation in the book “Cesária Évora” in Ribeira Grande, Santo Antão by the Polish Elzbieta Sieradziñska. According to Filinto Elísio, the biography of the ‘barefoot diva’ is already […]