Elida Almeida launches “Mau Menino”, the theme of her fourth album that is expected to come out in October

Mindelo, Apr 13 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verdean singer Elida Almeida already has available on digital platforms “Mau Menino”, a duet with Jimmy P and will appear on the album “Mulata”, fourth album that is expected to come out next October.

According to a note from the Harmonia producer sent to Inforpress, “Mau Menino is a song to two voices, where Elida Almeida also ventures into Portuguese and challenges Jimmy P to get out of his comfort zone”.

And the result, she added, is a brilliant, deep and emotional duet which addresses a failed relationship between two people, one that gave everything, another one that did not know how to value.

“When I wrote this song I thought it fit perfectly with Jimmy P. I love the more slow rap of Jimmy and I thought I would marry very well with this theme, I challenged him, he liked the song, and for me it was a pride to share it with him”, reads the note transcribing the Elida Almeida statements.



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