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Elections/Sao Tome e Principe: Almost 500 Sao Tome e Principe citizens registered in Cabo Verde

Praia, Jun 24 (Inforpress) – The president of the Electoral Commission of Sao Tome e Principe in Cabo Verde reported that 481 Sao Tome e Principe citizens  were registered in the archipelago, to participate at the presidential elections scheduled for July 18.

Speaking to Inforpress, Kader D’Abreu pointed out that the process took place in normality” in view of the COVID-19 conjuncture, reiterating that the objective was achieved.

“At the level of Santiago, Sal and Boa Vista, 481 voters were registered,” he said.

In his opinion, the realization of the census in Cabo “is a historical milestone”, since it is the first time the process is “materialized from scratch”, that is, all procedures were properly followed.

In this regard, it called on all Sao Tome e Principe citizens residents in Cabo Verde to “vote mass” on the day of the election on July 18 in order to avoid large numbers of abstentions.



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