Elections/Advance Voting: Voters affected by COVID-19 in containment were left out – CNE

Praia, Oct 12 (Inforpress) – Voters affected by COVID-19 and forced to containment were left without advance voting rights, because the National Assembly did not legislate in this regard, despite the explicit request to the president of the National Elections Commission (CNE ), Maria Rosário.

“We asked the National Assembly to take a legislative initiative to extend the advance voting right to these voters under these conditions, which did not happen,” said the CNE president.

According to this official, in the local elections of 25 October next, only the individuals laid down in the electoral law can vote in advance. However, the CNE president guaranteed that individuals infected with COVID-19 can vote, because, by law, they are “not prevented”.

“At the moment, we have no laws and regulations for these voters [infected with COVID-19]”.

The advance voting will take place between the seventh and fifth days prior to the election, daily, from 6:00PM to 9:00PM, before the mayor or his substitute and the CNE delegate.



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