Eighty schools selected under the Access to Culture Scholarship program

Praia, Feb 16 (Inforpress) – Of the 87 applications submitted for funding nationwide, 80 schools, associations and NGOs for artistic education were selected under the Government of Cabo Verde Access to Culture Scholarship program.

Carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries (MCIC), through the coordination of the Access to Culture Scholarship program, the program aimed to provide access to and popularize arts education in Cabo Verde, according to the press release sent to Inforpress.

According to the same source, the program’s mission is to ensure that the population with less resources is not excluded from the “enjoyment of art” and also to give sustainability to the small initiatives of artistic education schools, financing tuition fees for students who are from families with low economic power for attending classes, ateliers and workshops on painting, dance, music, theater.

The program also has the mission of training citizens with artistic sensitivity and creating markets for art training schools. It is also an investment in the family, occupying the children and integrating them into society. It is an investment to have great national artists.



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