ECOWAS: Presence in statutory positions will give Cabo Verde more capacity to negotiate its specificities – Consultant

Praia, Dec 15 (Inforpress) – The ECOWAS economist and Consultant José Agnelo Sanches believes that Cabo Verde’s presence in ECOWAS statutory positions will give the country more capacity to negotiate its specificities and have differentiated treatment in the community.

José Agnelo Sanches, who commented on the current relevance of ECOWAS and the results of the 60th Conference of Heads of State and Government, held Sunday in Abuja, and was attended by Cabo Verdean Head of State, said there is a good prospect for Cabo Verde, since the Commission’s mandate extension for another six months, opens up possibilities for the country to integrate the statutory posts.

As he explained, with the institutional reform, the number of Commissioners goes from 15 to seven, but the statutory posts will be 15, that is, one for each Member State.

However, Cabo Verde due to non-compliance with the transfer of contributions is currently unable to qualify.



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