Director of the National Mental Health Program draws attention for the increase in cases of depression in the country

Praia, Abril 7 (Inforpress) – The Director of the National Mental Health Program said today that depression is a frequent mental disorder that tends to increase the number of cases in the country, taking into account the incidence of suicide in the archipelago.

Aristides da Luz, a psychiatrist who spoke to Inforpress in the framework of World Health Day, 7th, which this year marks under the theme “Depression: Let’s Talk”, said that the lack of support for people living with mental disorders, added to fear and stigma, prevent many them from seeking the treatment they need for a “healthy life.”

Accordingly, the Ministry of Health joining the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a campaign on depression, a disorder that can affect people of any age and at any stage of life.

“The initiative to talk openly about depression is the first step to better understand the issue and reduce the stigma attached to it, as well as to reinforce that there are ways to prevent and treat depression,” he said.






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