Director General of Support for the Electoral Process admits electronic vote in the municipal elections 2024

Praia City, Jul 19 (Inforpress) – The General Director of Support for the Electoral Process, Arlinda Chantre, today admitted the introduction of electronic voting in the municipal elections of 2024, but everything will depend on a computer prototype to be developed by the University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV).

“At the moment, the Directorate General of Support for the Electoral Process [DGAPE] and Uni-CV are working towards the elaboration of an agreement, whose objective involves a prototype to be applied in the the municipal elections [2024], if we do not have financial constraints,” said Arlinda Chantre, who dismisses, at the moment, the possibility of voting by internet.

The head of DGAPE made these revelations in an interview with Radio of Cabo Verde (RCV), during the Discurso Direto program.

Regarding internet voting, she recalled that Cabo Verde still faces some problems with the so-called “exit polls”, in which people position themselves in the near to polling stations to give indications on how voters should vote.


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