Deaths caused by tobacco consumption cost the State of Cabo Verde PTE 1.62 million per year – minister

Praia, May 31 (Inforpress) – The Deputy Secretary of State of the Minister of Health said today that the more than one hundred deaths caused by tobacco consumption, per year, cost the State of Cabo Verde, directly or indirectly, about 1 .62 billion escudos.

Evandro Monteiro, who presided over the opening ceremony of the seminar held to mark World No Tobacco Day, highlighted this year with the motto “Let’s grow food, not tobacco”, also advanced that the II Survey of Non-Communicable Diseases of 2021 revealed that 10 percent (%) of the adult population in Cabo Verde consume tobacco and that 70% consume 20 cigarettes daily.

The government official, who defends the choice of better paths in the fight against tobacco use and its cultivation, also maintained that this year’s motto guides towards a “much more comprehensive” approach and response that goes much further than focused measures only in human health.

The motto, he added, gives decision-makers the opportunity to think about and guide policies on environmental health with a direct impact on the environment.



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