Death: Cabo Verdean poet Nuno Miranda died at the age of 97

Mindelo, Jul 13 (Inforpres) – The poet, novelist and essayist Nuno Álvares de Miranda from Mindelo died on Tuesday, at the age of 97, in Lisbon, Portugal, where he lived almost all his life.

Nuno Álvares de Miranda was a native of the island of São Vicente, where he was born on October 23, 1924, but lived almost his whole life in Portugal, which turned out to be the place of his death.

The writer, according to information from Porto Editora, was evidenced in the Cabo Verdean literary panorama through the magazine Certeza (1944) – a social and ideological literary project of importance, which this author would later “reject”, starting for his own poetry, written and felt far from Cabo Verde, in Lisbon.

“In his poetry one can see the curious existence of two environmental forms, two scenarios, two means, separated from each other by various details (personal and general), linked only by the hand of a poet who, even being in a large city, felt and thought like an island, an islet”, stressed the same source.

He graduated in Philosophical Historical Sciences from the Faculty of Letters of the Classical University of Lisbon and as a professional he worked as a journalist and pivot in the Portuguese national broadcaster RTP and was director of the regional press newspaper Notícias de Oeste.

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