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Danielson Veiga re-elected President of the Medical Association – group of doctors promises to challenge the elections

Praia, Nov 29 (Inforpress) – The doctor Danielson Veiga was re-elected President of the Medical Association in a General Assembly held Sunday, the 28th, however a group of doctors, led by former President Júlio Barros Andrade, promises to challenge the elections.

Speaking to Radio of Cabo Verde (RCV), Júlio Barros Andrade said that the process is “vitiated by unlawfulness” for “violating the electoral regulation”, published in the Official Bulletin since 2015, and he points out, among other things, the elections should be called two months in advance.

“The election was called on November 2nd to November 28th. Our election day is set out in the electoral regulation, which is on the last Saturday of November of the last year in office to be as transparent as possible. It was held on a Sunday and the lists have to be submitted a month before, were not even posted at the Order of Doctors headquarters”, he pointed out.

Júlio Barros Andrade said that although he does not intend to run for office he will fill a judicial claim, considering the process should be transparent and carried out in a way that allows other professionals to have the possibility to compete for the Medical Association leadership.



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