Dance: Raiz di Polon presents new play “Manel d’Novas” at Portuguese Culture Centre in Praia

Praia, Feb 7 (Inforpress) – Raiz di Polon Contemporary Theater and Dance Company presents on 13th, at the Portuguese Culture Centre, in Praia, the new play by choreographer Mano Preto entitled “Manel d’Novas”.

The show, whose conception, choreography, artistic direction and interpretation are the responsibility of Mano Preto, it had its premiere at the Mindelact festival, in São Vicente, in November 2019.

In this dance-theater show, Mano Preto will portray the life and work of the composer of mornas and coladeiras “Manel d’Novas”, who was born on February 24, 1938 in Santo Antão and died on September 28 in São Vicente, island where he lived for many years.

“Manel d’Novas is a cycle of five pieces that I am developing, one per year, in the ​​music and literature areas, that is, creation of biographies of great figures of Cabo Verdean music. The next will be Cesária Évora, Jaime Figueiredo and Eugénio Tavares”, Mano Preto said in statements to Inforpress.



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