CPLP will create a joint intervention and support force for disasters

Praia, Apr 11 (Inforpress) – The Community of African Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) is working to create a joint intervention and disaster relief force in the community according to the Cabo Verde CEMFA, Anildo Morais, revealed this Wednesday.

“We are already very well advanced in terms of procedures and we will soon have the document ready for approval by the ministers of defense since it will have to have the consensus of all the countries, and at the moment only Equatorial Guinea is missing for to pronounce”, he said.

The chief of staff of the Armed Forces (CEMFA), who spoke to the press shortly after presiding at the opening of the 21st meeting of the CPLP Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMGFA), which takes place in the City of Praia from 10 to 11 this month, was convinced that during the meeting will be created all the solutions and measures for the operationalization of this mechanism which, in his view, is a priority.

He explained that this CPLP disaster relief mechanism will cover the army, navy and the military, and each country will allocate available resources according to the situation of each one, having ensured that Cabo Verde will work with its counterparts so that this project will be implemented soon.



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