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CPLP: Association of Olympic Committees reflects on the evolution and future of Olympic ideals

Praia, Sep 15 (Inforpress) – The president of the Association of Portuguese-speaking Olympic Committees (ACOLOP) hopes that the 1st Olympic Congress of Lusophony will be an opportunity to reflect on the evolution and future of Olympic ideals in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Gustavo Conceição also considered it essential the two-day meeting in the city of Praia could develop the activities linked to the ACOLOP general meeting, which has been postponed since 2020, “because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, to evaluate the two years of activities.

He also hopes to leave this meeting with a “clear notion” about the impact of Olympic ideals on the development of youth and athletes, stressing “the great effort of the COC” to bring together the conditions for the success of this activity, believing that these two days of work will have repercussions in the member countries in the Olympic ideals and in the youth and in the women.

“We have high expectations around its positive results,” predicted Gustavo da Conceição, who, in an evaluation of two years of activity, highlighted the participation of Portuguese-speaking countries in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and a set of initiatives, such as lectures and training for staff, implemented in a “new context”, using technology.



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