CPI inflation rate is 6.1% in July 2022 – INE

Praia, Aug 12 (Inforpress) – The National Institute of Statistics (INE) today announced that the inflation rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) stood at 6.1% in July 2022.

According to a note on price indices in the national consumer, the same source reports that, in the same period, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) recorded a monthly change rate of 1.2%, a value higher by 0.6 percentage points (p.p) than in the previous month.

The cumulative rate of change in CPI was 5.4%, a rate higher than 3.4 p.p. than in the same month of the previous year, the INE reported. The annual rate of change in total CPI in July 2022 was, according to the Institute, 9.0%, a figure higher than 0.8 p.p. than in the previous month.

In the period under analysis, the CPI recorded an average change in the last twelve months of 6.1%, a value higher by 0.6 p.p. than in the previous month, the INE reported. The INE noted that the underlying inflation indicator (total index excluding unprocessed energy and food) recorded a year-on-year change of 6.7%, higher than 0.4 p.p. than in June 2022.



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