COVID-19/Maio: The MP says population is “unhappy” with measure taken by the Maritime and Port Institute

Porto Ingles, May 21 (Inforpress) – The Maritime and Port Institute (IMP) has already ordered the reopening of some bathing beaches in the country, but the decision is leaving the Maio citizens unhappy, because it is the island with only one bathing beach, Bixi Rotcha, to be open.

The finding is from the PAICV’s MP (opposition party) elected by the constituency of Maio, Fernando Frederico, who in a statement to Inforpress considered that Maio is being, “once again, discriminated against”, despite being the “island with more beaches” in the archipelago.

“Therefore, I ask the Government why the opening of only one beach, that is, the Bixi Rotcha,” he questioned, indicating that on the other islands the reopening of several bathing beaches was allowed.

The parliamentarian also stressed that the Maio citizens accepted the measures imposed in relation to ban beaches, but said that it is strange a new Decree-law to authorize the access of bathers only to Bixi Rotcha beach, with the justification that on the island only this beach meets conditions comply with the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.


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