COVID-19: Maio records five positive cases – Minister considers the island’s situation “normal and stable”

Porto Inglês, 17 Sept (Inforpress) – The island of Maio recorded in the last 24 hours five cases of people infected with COVID-19, but the Minister of Health, Arlindo do Rosário, who is visiting the island, classified the situation of “normal and stable”.

According to the minister, in the last few days there have been some positive cases in the rapid tests, which he has now confirmed with the PCR tests, so he informed that the island has now registered five positive cases and more collections are being analyzed in the virology laboratory, in the City of Praia.

Arlindo do Rosário also stressed that despite all the work being carried out by the various health structures, as well as by institutions involved in the sector, the island is not free of this disease, as well as no part of the world, so he admitted that it is premature to speak of community transmission.

That official praised the way the various institutions on the island have been working, especially the Health Station, which acted “in record time” to identify all possible contacts and put them in isolation, both at home and in the identified spaces.

To this end, he guaranteed that they will be properly monitored by the technicians from the Maio Health Center.



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