COVID-19/Legislative: Schools closed today for classrooms’ sanitation

Praia, Apr 19 (Inforpress) – Schools throughout the country will be closed today for classrooms’ sanitation, taking into account that the polling stations of this Sunday legislative elections, the 18th, took place in these educational establishments.

The information come from the Ministry of Education, which clarifies to parents and guardians and the entire educational community that this sanitation action will be done so that classes are resumed safely.

Close to 393.000 voters were registered to vote in the legislative elections in April 18 and choose, among the 597 candidates from six parties, the 72 members of parliament for the next parliamentary term.

For these elections, 1.245 polling stations were in the archipelago and 236 in the diaspora in 21 countries, for a total of 392.993 registered voters, according to the National Election Commission (CNE).

According to the provisional results, the Movement for Democracy (MpD) elected 36 MPs, the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV) 28, and the Cabo Verdean Independent and Democratic Union (UCID) four, and it’s missing to be elected four in the diaspora.



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