COVID-19: INSP President confirms sending samples for examination in Portugal

Praia, Jul 14 (Inforpress) – The president of the National Institute of Public Health (INSP), Maria da Luz Lima, confirmed the sending of samples for the diagnostic examination of COVID-19 at the Ricardo Jorge Institute, in Portugal.

The official, who was speaking at a press conference this Monday to assess the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cabo Verde, justified this sending of samples with the need to reduce the overhead of laboratories in Cabo Verde and reduce the pending ones.

“We have had a partnership since the beginning with the Ricardo Jorge National Health Institute. As you know, in the beginning it was always Ricardo Jorge who gave us the answer and at this moment it is available and we are working on sending samples to Portugal so that we can quickly reduce this pending sample”, she explained.

At the moment, Cabo Verde has three virology laboratories in operation, in Praia, São Vicente and Sal, which started very recently, and the country’s capacity to diagnose COVID-19 is also expected to open other laboratories at Praia and Fogo.


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