COVID-19/Fogo: Teachers from São Filipe begin to be vaccinated – delegate of the Ministry of Education

São Filipe, Jun 7  (Inforpress) – More than 300 teachers from the different levels of education in the municipality of São Filipe, in  Fogo Island, began to be vaccinated today with the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, said the delegate of the Ministry of Education.

In the total, there are 317 teachers registered for vaccination, which began symbolically with the vaccination of the delegate of the Ministry of Education and the directors from the four school groups, namely from São Filipe, Patim, Ponta Verde and Curral Grande, as well as the oldest teacher at Dr. Teixeira de Sousa High School.

The other teachers will be called in alphabetical order for immunization against COVID-19, which takes place at the vaccination station installed in the São Filipe Health Centre.

As for the teachers from the municipalities of Santa Catarina do Fogo and the Mosteiros, according to the respective delegates of education, the whole process was forwarded with teachers data and awaited answers from Health Centre for the beginning of the vaccination campaign in the teaching class.



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