COVID-19: CPLP empowers Member States for better research and effectiveness in combating cybercrime

Santa Maria, Nov 19 (Inforpress) – CPLP is boosting Member States to a better investigation and effectiveness in combating cybercrime in the COVID-19 pandemic context, in a three-day international seminar that kicked off Wednesday in the Sal Island.

“Basically, we are empowering the countries for a better investigation and effectiveness in what is the fight against cybercrime”, said the Minister of Justice, Janine Lélis, when presiding over the opening act of the international seminar on “cybercrime in the countries of CPLP in the COVID-19 pandemic context”, from Santa Maria.

“As the Council of Europe stated in its initial intervention, during the pandemic it was possible to envisage an increase in cybercrime with, for example, prospective health infrastructures, as well as an increase in the exploitation of child pornography”, defending the “increasingly greater and more urgent” need for training, to have eminent levels of response and effectiveness.

According to the minister, the contribution of Cabo Verde in this presidency of the Conference of Ministers of Justice of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), is related to the partnership it managed to establish with experts and specialists in this matter, to train, not only Cabo Verdeans judges, but also police officers.



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