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COVID-19: Cabo Verde’s situation is stable but aim is to lower stability to lower values ​​- Artur Correia

Praia, Sep 1 (Inforpress) – The National Director of Health, Artur Correia, said that Cabo Verde is going through a period of stability in new cases of COVID-19, but it is desired to lower it to lower values.

“During the confinement we had a period of stability at a lower level, several weeks around 60, 70 cases per week. Now we are at a level a little higher with the average around 300 cases at national level, 200 at Praia level”, he added.

Artur Correia, who was speaking at the usual press conference to assess the situation of the COVID-19 in the country, informed that this stability has been recorded for more than seven weeks.

Artur Correia also stressed that this stability has to do with the measures were taken and otherwise there would be exponential growth. “We want to lower this stability to lower levels, this is our challenge and also to avoid deaths. Regarding deaths, I must say that our rate, despite having 40 deaths, is at 1%”, said Artur Correia.



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