COVID-19/Brava: “Amigos da tradição” Group said the New Year’s Eve party is undermined due the new restrictive measures

Nova Sintra, Dec 30 (Inforpress) – The leader of the “Amigos da tradição” Group from Mato, João Louro, said that the New Year’s Eve party which was already organized is undermined due the measures announced on Tuesday, the 28th, by the Prime Minister.

Speaking to Inforpress, João Louro made it clear that he is not questioning these measures or criticizing them, but rather the period of time in which they were taken, four days before the end of the year.

As he explained, on the other islands they make events for New Year’s Eve, but in Brava the tradition is unique, being necessary to prepare before, explaining that most groups celebrate on the basis of players and violinists.

In the case of this group, he said that they had already started the trials, in addition to other preparations they made without thinking that this “ice bucket” would hang over their heads.



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