COVI-19: City Hall Santa Catarina cancels third edition “Moray eel Festival” scheduled for this month in Ribeira da Barca

Assomada, Jul 8 (Inforpress) – The third edition of the Moray eel Festival, which takes place in the fishing village of Ribeira da Barca, in the municipality of Santa Catarina, initially scheduled for the middle of this month, has been canceled due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

“Taking into account the country’s epidemiological situation, in view of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), we decided to cancel the Moray eel Festival initially planned for mid-July, as it is an event that gathers people. For this reason, we decided to cancel it and not postpone it until December or January ”, said to Inforpress the City councilor fooor Local Economy and Innovation, Péricles Brito.

Another reason that weighed in the cancellation and not postponement of this gastronomic fair is that it is not recommended to hold an event in this period that gathers people like the Moray eel which aims to bring people to Santa Catarina.

That is why, according to the City councilor, as well as this fair, the City Hall will not allow other events to gather people in this municipality in the countryside of Santiago.

In that sense, he said he hoped that this situation will be overcome so that they can hold this fair next year and with the “usual success”.



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