Cook concerned about the shortage of products on the market and appreciation of the profession.

Praia, May 10 (Inforpress) – A cook for 20 years, José Olívio Fernandes told Inforpress today that the scarcity of products on the market and the appreciation of the profession are the main concerns of the class, on the day that marks the Day World of Cooks.

“The main difficulties for working in the kitchen area in Cabo Verde are the scarcity of certain products on the market to make dishes. In addition, the appreciation of this profession as well, because when we value professionals in this area, we are betting on gastronomic development at a national level. Therefore, this area must be improved”, he assured.

The coordinator of technical training in cooking at the Cabo Verde Hotel and Tourism School also said that cooking was a “sensitive” sector that should receive more attention from the authorities.

In his opinion, making food involves a lot of responsibility, which is why the cook, a specialist in food preparation, should be “well paid”, which would go a long way, he said, to encourage people to work with more responsibility.



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