Constitution/31 years: PR says Constitution “is being fulfilled”, but “it’s important” to still work on its fulfilment

Praia, September 25th  (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic, José Maria Neves, said today that the Constitution is being complied with and has proven to be one of the most modern Constitutions, but argued that it is “important” to still work on its fulfillment

José Maria Neves, who was speaking at a press conference on the day of the commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Cape Verde, also said that it is necessary to “consider and combine efforts” so that economic and social rights can be fully realised, a careful analysis of the fulfilment of civil and political freedoms, and also to pay attention to social and economic freedoms, referring to the right to housing, health, food and decent work.

He also stated that today the Constitution has proven to be a “fundamental” instrument for the consolidation of the democratic rule of law and guaranteed that, as President of the Republic, he will work towards the affirmation of greater constitutional literacy, of deeper knowledge on the part of all Cape Verdeans of the Constitution of the Republic.

José Maria Neves promised that he will continue to do political pedagogy in relation to the Constitution, institutions, the civic reinvigoration of the Cape Verdean nation, democracy and the affirmation of freedoms.



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