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Compliance with the new wage grid of private security workers depends on the access of services to the PIR – ANESP

Praia, Jun 10  (Inforpress) – The president of the National Private Security Companies Association (ANESP) said today that compliance with the new wage grid of private security workers depends on the membership of the services to the PIR stipulated by  the  Government.

In statements to Inforpress, Francisco Nascimento explained that it was agreed, in an understanding involving ANESP, the unions and the Government, the conditions would be created for companies to charge the amount stipulated in the Reference Indicative Price (PIR), in order to be able to pay the salaries of private security workers, according to the new wage grid.

The new salary grid would have to be paid in May but, companies were unable to charge such amounts and, therefore, were unable to comply with what was stipulated, he pointed out.

The PIR was established  by the Executive for all public services, which, in turn, claim that the amounts are not included in the budget, which made it impossible to pay, he explained. On the other hand, he said, some companies were able to collect according to the PIR, were able to comply with the new wage grid.



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