Community from Bairro Craveiro Lopes claims asphalt paving on main streets

Praia, 12 Jun (Inforpress) – The community from Bairro Craveiro Lopes is claiming to City Hall of Praia for the asphalt paving on the main streets in the neighborhood, a desire that has long been demanded by residents.

According to the municipality, the project’s works included the requalification of sidewalks, asphalting, the requalification of the square, estimated at around 31 million escudos. However, the Cultural Heritage Institute (IPC) vetoed asphalting and proposed paving the streets, considering that Bairro Craveiro Lopes, as a historic area, therefore, must be preserved.

The IPC position did not fall well with the local community, which on social networks and with the CMP has been demanding the main streets be paved with asphalt, as they want greater appreciation of the area.

According to one of the community representatives, José Gomes, the City Hall had previously socialized the project with the community, having accepted the residents’ requests, including paving asphalt. However, he explained, they were surprised by the IPC intervention, which they consider not to be the best option for a well-organized area with all the conditions for asphalting.



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