Coach Humberto Bettencourt reports ‘caçobody’ assaults wave to players with performance repercussions

Praia, Dec 4 (Inforpress) – The Académica da Praia coach and president of the Cabo Verdean Coaches Association urges the authorities to stop the “assaults wave” experienced by soccer players from South Santiago regional when they go to the training.

Humberto Bettencourt made this complaint in a statement to Inforpress, expressing his displeasure and concern over the argument that players from various parts of the capital representing various teams are being targeted by the so-called “caçobody”.

He denounces that athletes are being threatened with death constantly when they are going to workout in the morning by robbers who take possession of their goods, such as mobile phones, boots and slippers, through threats with weapons such as knife and handmade pistols called “boca bedjo”.

Bettencourt said that the robbery to players, coaches and other staff from various clubs in the capital has been systematic since last season and even players have been left virtually naked by robbers who deprived them of all their belongings.


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